Enteprise Licensing Software with dedicated solutions for:

Agents Licensees Licensors

Experience and expertise in delivering world class software licensing and entertainment industries.

Easier Contract

Contract approvals with e-signature.
Amendment and renewal workflows
Expiration alerts.
Rights conflict warnings.
Attach all contracts and related documents.

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Organized Digital

All major media types supported.
High resolution production files.
Secure access for system users only.
Track all downloads.
Limit access to specific folders or style guides.

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Effective Data

Unparalleled expertise for successful data migration.
Retain contract, SKU & accounting info.
Open data mapping and synch capabilities.

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Accurate Royalty

One-click sales upload and bulk invoice delivery.
Automatic data validation.
Past due notifications.
Guarantee and overage management.
Accounting integration.

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Visualize Business

Define workflows for internal processes.
Set user roles and rights.
Visualize complex workflows.
Limit approval sign-off to key users.
Track status of all submissions.

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Full Featured

Access contract and product info.
Open and approve submissions.
Review and annotate images.
Access company and contact data.

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Collaborative Product

Configurable workflows.
Image review and annotation.
Single-click approvals.
External user participation.
Automatic SKU creation on approval.
Email invitations to non-users for submission review.

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Dynamic Product Development

End-to-end management development processes.
Configurable workflows with unlimited steps and tasks.
Empower internal and external resources.
Visualize all product creation efforts.
Integrate sample images and product data.

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